Thursday, 2 August 2012

My classmate

Hi let me show my JBM1123U classmate. I will start to introduce from male student. Let me introduce to the star of class U.

Hayatul Kamil
It starts with Hayatul Kamil a Chinese mix Malay guy. He is a good student with great potential in the future. Kamil is a skill full in English language and he also have imaginative thinking when doing some work. For example, he knows what the creative way is in presenting a project.

Baihaqi is loudness person in our class. His presences make our class funnier. Almost every time he will speak loud to change the atmosphere in class. I respect Bai as he study first before go to class.

Faris is another loudness person in our class. Faris is like Baihaqi who never felt exhausted to laugh and do humorous things during lecture hour. Sometime both Faris and Baihaqi make a huge laugh in our class. This will make our lecture to join them laugh in our class.

Ashraf is also like to make a humorous thing. He like to play a role part in everyone life. Sometime Ashraf will make a huge laughter than his competitor in 'comedy drama'. This 'comedy drama' refers to Faris, Baihaqi, and Hafizul.

 Hafizul is the older person in our class. We like to call Hafizul old man as he is the advanced person than us. He is like our brother in this UiTM campus. Hafizul also a master in making everyone laugh in this class.
 I also like to introduce Akmal who I call handsome boy with glowing face in girls eyes. Akmal like to make himself look confident and smart. I admit he has a style and fashion on his own.
Shamel is the bodyguard of Faris. It is because Shamel always do what Faris do. He is like a time keeper to Faris. He got a character that cute sometime with his action. 

Imran is always silence in our class. It is because he has never in let his character out. I think in another month he will show his proper self in our class.

He is a male who has many talented in both club and outside field. Haziq is my respected person. It is because he has many expertise in doing paper work and assignment. 
Lastly, the man who complete the cycle of male in our class is Qushyairee. He is the balance person between can laugh and serious. He has a boss look and sometime people will misunderstand him with trouble folks.
 After I finish introduce male student, now is time for me to bring in cutie females in our class.

Farah Hani
I start with always being talk in male students which is Farah Hani or 'Fa'. We like to call her like that because Fa has a tough volume of vocal in our class. That is making Fa special in our eyes (sorry Fa)

Fatin Afifah
Fatin Afifah or 'Ifah'. Ifah is clever and get talent in academic. She is role model in academic for all of us like Fa. Her talent make me want to catch her.
Lela is also a targeted person in our class. I like to call her male student as she look like a male ( hahaha). Lela is an industrious girl. I think Lela will do well in her future. It is up to her.

Liyana is a good person to me. It is because she likes to help me when I got problem in my work. I like no hope at all if Liyana is not there. I hope what Liyana do in helping me will get her more opportunity in the present.
 Sabiha is a vocalist in our class. I am not sure because I heard it from the girls. Maybe if Biha sing in front of our class my view will be clear. For now I hope Biha can put his singing ability in You Tube I will deem it (go Biha go !!).
Amira, a nice person too and I think she is a bit fierce individual. Maybe her appear make me like that.

Sharifah Aziah
Sharifah Aziah is a cheer and happy girls in our class. I am sorry for you to be my last person to be in my blog. I think it suit you as I can conclude Aziah as a brilliant person. That is what I can say about Aziah.

Hahaha that my story about my classmate semester 3 JBM1123U. Thank you for accepting me in your group guys.

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